February Update: A Solid Vision

January was a good month for our team as we defined our long-term strategy. February was all about getting ready for fundraising. It is hard to believe over seven months have past since we started working on The Fieldhouse Project.

A Solid Vision

January was about defining specific, measurable, feasible goals.

Sports for Community Development

We are creating a soccer league which in teams are ranked by their successes both on and off the field. In addition to wins and losses, the league standings consider the total “points” earned by individuals of each team. Points can be earned three ways:

  1. Academic Engagement: participants can earn points by being in school each day. If a team member isn’t there, his or her teammates have an incentive to encourage him to come to school.
  2. Community Engagement: participants can earn points by participating in community service events such as community clean ups or by volunteering with partner NGOs operating in Ghana.
  3. Leadership: participants can earn points by volunteering to be a referee for the league, or to coach younger teams, by attending various workshops or awareness seminars hosted by The Cheerful Hearts Foundation or another NGO in the area. The individual boy and girl with the highest number of leadership points will receive a scholarship.

Along with a trophy and certificates, league champions will be commemorated with their names and a team photo on Wall of Winners at The Fieldhouse. Children in Nyanyano get extremely excited to see photograph of themselves.

Creation of a dedicated space which we call The Fieldhouse. 

We have designed The Fieldhouse: a modular, two-room center for sport and community.  Ultimately, it will yield community development through character development. Through strong partnerships and a model for community ownership, the Fieldhouse will provide an alternative to the activities that lead to kids’ absenteeism and a viable avenue back into the education system for years to come. The Fieldhouse programs will foster inclusivity, healthy competition, recreation, and academic success. Our partner, The Cheerful Hearts Foundation will use the space to expand their incredible program to stop child labor practices.

The Fieldhouse will be located in Nyanyano! A fishing village about 45 minutes from the capital, Accra.

Welcome Paul!

Paul Joins Fieldhouse as a Senior Advisor who will take a hands on role in fundraising and helping to refine our model for measurement and sustainability. 

New Website

BITS Consulting helped us develop a beautiful new website where we can accept donations, clearly convey our messages and engage with current and future supporters. Please click here to check it out!

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