Director at UW School of Social Work Joins Fieldhouse Team

Director at UW School of Social Work Joins Fieldhouse 

The Fieldhouse Project is excited to announce that Zynovia Hetherington will be joining the Fieldhouse Project as an advisor filling a gap in our experience. Zynovia is an exiting addition for many reasons. She travels to Ghana every year as the leader of study abroad programs offered through the University of Washington and has worked with the Cheerful Hearts Foundation on past trips. She is passionate about service and empowering others to help people. Her background in Social Work is fitting. She can help us anticipate challenges children face with the transition back into the school and will work directly with Cheerful Hearts to help shape the curriculum of the reintegration program.

Zynovia will travel to Ghana  on June 26th. She will spend approximately three weeks working in the schools of Nyanyano along side CHF executive director, Eric Opoku Agyemang.


With experience in direct service as well as teaching, Zynovia Hetherington brings a valuable perspective to The Fieldhouse advisory. Since 2002, she has worked as a lecturer at the University of Washington in the School of Social Work. Now serving as program director, she is a seasoned leader. Her passion for our work has many roots: an affinity for the nation of Ghana to which she travels frequently, her passion for creating opportunities for others to perform life changing foreign service, and her compassionate nature. With The Fieldhouse Project, Zynovia will oversee curriculum development and study design, implementation, and analysis. She also will play a pivotal role in plans to implement engagement strategies in the weeks before the school term starts in order to get kids back into close proximity of the education system.