Report from Nyanyano Community Visit

Field Report

On the Cheerful Hearts Foundation | Cheerful Hearts Foundation’s main objective is to bring sustainability to rural Ghanaian communities. To do that, they promote education, public health knowledge, and fight child labor and trafficking. The founders of cheerful hearts foundation feel that inadequacies in these three fields are the main causes of dependability on other countries and resulting poverty in most Ghanaian communities. They also stress the importance of education in and of all three fields, as that is the only way to really fight the problems that most communities are facing. On The Site | Literally PERFECT!!!!! There actually couldn’t be a better place. Right behind the site is one of the schools we will be impacting, Franklin Memorial Institute. All of the other schools, except one, Premier, are within walking distance. It is also within walking distance of the main road, and the fishing beach. There is a HUGE, I mean ENORMOUS soccer field right next to the site that we will be using.

Relationship Building | Every headmaster we spoke to is really excited for construction to begin and for them to be able to utilize the Fieldhouse with their schools. During the visits to the two schools still in session, I introduced The Fieldhouse Project to the headmasters of both schools, and with the help of Eric, all of our ideas, expectations, and wants were communicated. I’m very happy to report the headmasters were just as excited as we are about getting the project up and running! They were especially happy that the main focus of the project is promoting our ideas through sports. One headmaster even exclaimed “Now people are finally understanding our kids!”. After Christmas, Cheerful Hearts member, Freeman and I interviewed three more headmasters in their homes. We were immediately welcomed and greeted with enthusiasm despite last minute arrangement in one case.

Concluding Thoughts | Honestly, I feel more passionate about the project now more than ever. Every single school leader, every member of the Cheerful Hearts foundation, the lady who sells papayas down the street, and the ladies who I work with at the clinic are all immeasurably excited and confident that our project is exactly what the community of Nyanyano needs. We’re playing on these kids natural endowment in sports and using as a way to motivate them to excel in school. Freeman also hypothesizes that by opening up the Fieldhouse to every child in the community we are not only keeping the children already sponsored by CHF in schools, but we’re motivating all of the other children, in school and not as well. The kids will want to be more involved in all of the fun things going on at the Fieldhouse, so they’ll pressure on their parents to invest in their education and spend money on their school fees and make it a regular part of their living expenses. In the interviews of the headmasters you can hear them talking about how they not only support our project, and want to be a part of it, they think it is vital and necessary if they want to increase the success of their students. We’re doing something really big for this community guys!