First Ever Fieldhouse Event a Huge Success!

Fieldhouse Friends and Family

On May 10th, The Fieldhouse Project hosted a Friends and Family fundraiser at the Factoria Ooba Tooba’s, a restaurant in Bellevue, WA. The team invited 50 of their family and close friends to the event in order to update them on what they had accomplished so far. The event included dinner, time to mingle with one another and a presentation of The Fieldhouse Project. After introducing themselves, the team premiered a promotional video for The Fieldhouse Project. The video (linked below) showcased the mission of the organization, the proposed programs to be implemented and, of course, the Fieldhouse itself. Members from the team and The Fieldhouse Project advisors lent their voices to the video. All those in attendance gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the video. The event was held during the last hour of Ooba Tooba’s hours of operation, so they had to remain open to the public. One of the tables at the event was occupied by a group of soccer parents that were out celebrating a 50th birthday. They ended up staying for the presentation and were very impressed. The group ended up donating $100 to The Fieldhouse Project and also wanted to donate soccer equipment. The team is now following up to start a soccer equipment drive.

Overall, the event was a great success. The Friends and Family Event raised over $600, made new connections, debuted a promotional video, and excited our close family and friends. We are excited about the progress we have made and can’t wait until the next event!