March Update


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March 30, 2014

Another good but challenging month for us. In March we shifted the focus to fundraising. We are extremely grateful for those who have taken the initiative to give early on. It took about a week until we began to see donations flow in but we have raised $8,970 to date.  We still have a long way to go but we are dedicated.  We appreciate any feedback on our progress, strategies, and presentation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

All the best,

Josh Klein


  • $2,000 from the Paul Schuler Foundation on March 22, 2014
  • 501c3 Filed with the IRS on March 11, 2014 (within a day of our goal).
  • Priestwick Sackeyfio, Seattle-based soccer coach from Ghana is joining us!
  • Solar equipment and installation pledged by anonymous party ($10,000 Value)


  • Adam's computer was stolen while he was traveling in San Francisco. While almost all of our architectural files are backed up, we lost some graphic design work and were not able to progress on the design front for almost a week.
  • Kafiya's father suffered a stroke on Thursday prompting her to make an emergency trip to Nairobi, Kenya. Our team pulled through on Friday to contribute over $1050 so that Kafiya can be with her father in this difficult time.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family. Please contact me if you are able to support her.

In the Works

  • Friends & Family Event: We will be hosting an informal dinner to get everyone involved with Fieldhouse in the same room. The purpose is to raise money and show everyone personally involved with us that there is in fact a huge network supporting us on this journey. Our goal is to not only raise awareness and money but also show everyone the power of networking and the momentum our project has picked up in the last several months.
  • Crowd Funding Campaign: Using the popular web platform, Indiegogo, we are preparing to launch a campaign to raise $7,500 over 45 days. By pledging different amounts, donors can receive various rewards ranging from thank you notes from the kids at our partner schools to Ghanaian artifacts and art. If we raise $7,500, then the fee is 4%. If we do not, we will pay 9%. This is a great incentive for us to push hard on this front. We will launch this in early April.
  • Fellowships and Grants: We are in the process of finding and applying for fellowships. We are about to submit our application for a $4,000 fellowship from the Osheroff and Gunnel Clark Endowed Human Rights Fund for Students of the U. Washington.

On the Horizon

  • Construction for Change: Seeking partnership which would provide up to 25% of funding, construction project management services, as well as design consultation. We will be applying by May 31 with decisions announced in July.
  • Fundraising event: The talented musician, Alex Kajumulo, has volunteered to dedicate one of his performances to The Fieldhouse Project for the sake of fundraising. Alex is a soccer professional, philanthropist, and East African native with experience coaching the Ghanaian national team.
  • Fundraising event: Former Seattle Sounder hero, Roger Levesque, has agreed to speak at one of our fundraisers.

Welcome Preistwick

Priestwick Sackeyfio brings networks in Ghana and Seattle, and coaching experience to our team.  He will travel with us in December to assist in training community members to run the league. Read: Priestwick Joins

Sustainable Energy

Last month, an electrical engineer at the United Nations graciously donated his services to our cause. He will equip the Fieldhouse with solar panels. Though his service normally costs $10,000, we will only cover the hardware which is about $3,000. Read: Gift of Solar to Increase Impact

Form 1023 Filed

On March 12, the IRS received our application for 501c3 Tax exemption. It has been quite the journey to get this application prepared and filed. We expect a receipt soon. This long and costly process will pay off! Read: Opportunities Unlocked by 501c3 

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