Second Indiegogo Campaign Succeeds!

This week marked the close of another successful crowdfunding campaign. Though this one wasn't like our inaugural Indiegogo effort. Instead, we focused on compelling a new audience to donate by entertaining them. "Beautify a Beast" was about the story of Fieldhouse team member and fashion model, Spencer Adams.

Help Spencer Adams become hairless so he can follow his dream to become a fashion model in Paris, France. See the campaign: Note: All Proceeds will go to The Fieldhouse Project, a 501c3 sports-for-social-change nonprofit organization.

As front for raising money to pay for Spencer to be waxed of all excess body hair, the idea spawned from a promise that our president, Josh Klein, would pay for Spencer's hair removal personally should the campaign raise $500. 

The campaign garnered national television exposure on the syndicated show RightThisMinute. During the monthlong campaign, our video was viewed nearly four thousand times on YouTube and Facebook.