2014: Year in Review

2014 was a huge year for The Fieldhouse Project. When reflecting on this year, our team realized how far we’ve come. To showcase where we came from and how far we’ve come, our team members had some updates of their own that they wanted to share.

Brandon Lau (Director of Outreach)

Working with The Fieldhouse team this past year has been exciting. We’ve progressed far and have almost accomplished our final goal: funding the construction of The Fieldhouse. We’ve added new members to the team who have added fresh insights and opinions that have strengthened our programs. From our Friends and Family dinner, to our Holiday soiree, all hands have been actively working to ensure the success of our events. I am truly proud of this team and motivated to finish out this project with them in 2015!

Gyuri Han (Research Strategist)

There were many important moments with The Fieldhouse Project in 2014. However I cannot hesitate to say that one of my favorite moments was when I first joined the team. It was by chance that I met Josh and Brandon. The good cause of The Fieldhouse Project touched me deeply and led me to join the team. A lot of things have been done but we still have more plans to bring a great change in Ghana. I feel grateful that I am a part of our team! 

Myles Neary (Development Strategist)

I had the great pleasure of joining The Fieldhouse Project team in the middle of 2014. Having been able to watch this great team already achieve what they had, made being able to join even more exciting. My favorite part of 2014 has to be getting news of the breaking ground ceremony in Nyanyano, Ghana. While we still have a long way to go, this milestone was particularly rewarding and a testament to everyone working towards a great cause. I have thoroughly enjoyed every project we've taken on so far and can't wait to see what 2015 brings!

Nate King (Branding Strategist)

2014 was a busy year for me. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and began my career working at two startups in Boulder, CO, but throughout this time, I was dedicated to the commitment I made to The Fieldhouse Project. After helping with the conception of the fundraising pitch book early on in the year, I directed an unreleased project over the summer which we hope to revisit in 2015. I’m currently working on developing our social media strategy going forward, and plan to complete a comprehensive branding, identity and style guide for all future marketing and fundraising material.

Nick Schuler (Director of Finance)

One of my favorite Fieldhouse memories from 2014 was the Holiday Party at Tesla of Seattle. Watching our friends, family and supporters enjoy each other’s company and learn more about The Fieldhouse Project was extremely rewarding. Our team had the opportunity to reflect back on the progress that we had made during 2014 and focus in on the challenges that face us in 2015. The support we have received from the community has been outstanding and it was on display at the holiday party.

Thank you all for joining us on this journey and we're excited for the year to come!