Youth Advisory Council Begins

This month The Fieldhouse Project began its first ever Youth Advisory Council program because we believe that passionate and socially responsible youth are key to developing long term solutions to the world's most complex and enormous problems.

Working with local education consultancy, Storytellers For Change, we developed this program in Q4 2014 and are excited to move forward with a fantastic group of students. The first every YAC comprises fifteen high school students from the Greater Seattle Area. Students applied on our website (most referred there by teachers) in late February and the program at the beginning of March. 

This group was created in part to develop and implement new strategies to advance The Fieldhouse Project's work in Ghana, and in part to convey key lessons our team learned about entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and global business throughout the last two years.

A goal of this program is to teach by working through real problems and projects as a group. The first two sessions focused on policy making and writing a code of conduct for the Fieldhouse community center in Ghana. The third and fourth sessions focused on defining a meaningful strategy to contribute to our pilot project in Ghana. In the next month, we will enter and compete for a $10,000 prize. Should we obtain the most votes and win, $5,000 will go directly towards the completion of our facility in Ghana, and $5,000 will be used to bring their ideas to fruition.