the need


The reality that nearly one third of Ghanaian adults are illiterate shapes a passive attitude towards primary education. In situations of extreme poverty, education often takes a back seat to other activities such as child labor and truancy. 



During her December 2013 trip to Ghana, Field Operative Kafiya Arte spent much of the time visiting schools, meeting with children, headmasters. We were met with overwhelming enthusiasm for our project. We have the blessing of Nyanyano Chief, Nana Dr. Wiabo. 

“This Fieldhouse project is a very great thing for the community. As I speak to you now, most parents wish that their children were well educated. This project will benefit all of the children, parents, and society at large. Everybody will wish that his or her child will be a part of the project. If you really bring The Fieldhouse Project into this community, I will work very, very, very hard to help! We shall grab it in good faith! If you are ready, we are ready.”
— Emmanuel Addo, Local Teacher, Former Child Laborer


A football Nation

Ghana is a football nation! Nothing captures the hearts of its young people like the national team taking the pitch for a major match. Unfortunately, many parts of the country struggle with child labor and poor retention rates in its school system. That's what inspired us to create The Fieldhouse Project: an education development project that utilizes sports as a platform for improving academic and civil engagement in rural Ghanaian communities, tying hard work on the football field to success in the classroom.