Community Ownership

Community ownership has been fundamental to this project from its inception: Nyanyano community elders donated the land, community members themselves molded the bricks, and, schools participating in Fieldhouse programs make annual contributions towards emergency reserves. We’ve concentrated on working with the community rather than for the community, consulting schools and local partner organizations each step of the way.


Revenue generation is key to financial independence. Each participating school will pay monthly dues that can be used for emergency repairs or future expansions. Advertisement and sponsorship opportunities around the soccer pitch may also provide revenue in the future.

The Women's Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development program (WELD) is self-funded. At the end of the 12-week program, participants donate artwork and crafts which are then auctioned off on graduation day. The proceeds support delivery of the program to the next cohort.

Solar Energy

Environmental sustainability is a primary focus of The Fieldhouse Project: the facility features a scalable solar electricity source. Panels on the roof charge multiple batteries and support all basic electricity needs. Additionally, The Fieldhouse was constructed using locally-sourced building materials wherever possible, further minimizing its carbon footprint as well as supporting the local economy.