Josh Klein - President, Founder 

With a goal of using sports in a new model for development, Josh founded The Fieldhouse Project in July of 2013. He brings energy and leadership to the team while contributing across all workflows. Josh currently works as a consultant for Alvarez & Marsal and was a member of the Varsity rowing team at the University of Washington. He graduated with Honors from the Michael G. Foster School of Business majoring in Finance and Information Systems. 


Brandon Lau - Director of Outreach

Brandon brings leadership experience, network power, and an unwavering work ethic to The Fieldhouse Project as he facilitates fundraising and public awareness as Director of Outreach. He currently works as a Business Development Manager at Google and was the president of Sigma Nu fraternity while at the University of Washington. He graduated with Honors from the Michael G. Foster school of business majoring in Marketing.

Nick Schuler - Director of Finance 

Nick oversees the finances of The Fieldhouse Project and is responsible for all reporting and registration requirements. He is currently a Management Consultant at Deloitte and Touche in the Strategy & Operations group. Nick graduated with Honors from the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington majoring in Finance and Accounting.

Nick Schuler Headshot.jpg

Adam Chernick - Director of Design

With practical experience in both commercial and residential architecture, Adam designed the Fieldhouse and oversees all construction related matters. He currently works as an Architect at HOK Architecture. Adam holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Design and Architecture from the University of Colorado and a Masters degree in Architecture from the Pratt Institute.  

Nate King - Branding Strategist

Nate wields his networking and marketing talents to effectively promote The Fieldhouse Project as a Branding Strategist. He is currently a Junior Experienced Planner at RAPP Advertising. Nate graduated from the University of Colorado majoring in Journalism and Advertising.

Picture Nate.jpg

Olivia Rogers - Director of Branding

Olivia oversees branding and is responsible for developing many of the programs at The Fieldhouse Project. She is currently a Mechanical Engineer at Janicki Industries. Olivia graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Spencer Adams - Content Strategist 

Having an early role in determining The Fieldhouse Project’s focus and bounds, Spencer now focuses on content production. He graduated from the University of Washington majoring in Linguistics. 

New Kafiya.jpg

Kafiya Arte - Field Operative 

Kafiya visits our sites and focuses on building relationships with community partners and conducting research. Kafiya has hands-on involvement in public health and education projects in Ghana, Egypt, Jamaica, Somalia, and Ethiopia. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Global Health. She is now a medical student at the Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. 

Gyuri Han - Research Strategist 

Gyrui focuses her time on research and photography for The Feildhouse Project. She holds a Masters degree in Computer Human Interaction from Carnagie Mellon University and a Bachelors of Science in Economics from the University of Washington.

Myles Headshot.jpg

Myles Neary - Development Strategist

Myles works everything from policy and internal operations to marketing and partnership development. He graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science. While at the University of Washington, Myles won three national championships on the Varsity rowing team.

Advisory Board

Paul Schoville 

Paul Scoville advised The Fieldhouse Project in November 2013 before formally joining in January 2014. After serving in the Peace Corps in 2004, Paul went on to start the Barefoot Mile Foundation with his wife, Kara. Since 2005, Paul's organization focuses on empowering citizens of the rural Mdlolo region of Malawi. He brings experience with community owned projects and collaboration in rural parts of developing countries, as well as insight accumulated through over ten years of management experience in the for-purpose space. BMF's 15 projects are the result of cooperation with locals and are sustained entirely by the communities they serve. Paul's commitment to The Fieldhouse Project is driven by his passion for supporting entrepreneurship and advancing new models for community empowerment. 


Prestwick Sackeyfio

From Ghana, residing in Seattle, soccer professional, Priestwick Sackeyfio fills a void on the Fieldhouse Project’s team. He brings passion and extensive knowledge of the sport, and connections in the soccer communities of Accra, Kasoa, Seattle, and other parts of Ghana and the world. Priestwick has signed on into an instrumental role in the implementation process. We are working together to plan the trip to Ghana in December during which we intend to launch the soccer programs and celebrate the opening of The Fieldhouse with the community. 

Zynovia Hetherington 

Zynovia joined the team as a Board Member in 2014 and brought her wealth of experience working in west Africa along with her passion for helping others. She has lead five study abroad trips to Africa through her position as a Professor at the University of Washington's School of Social Work. She is also the Director of the Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program (CWTAP) at the University of Washington where she has had an impact on countless lives.


Ghana Team

Eric Opoku Picture.jpg

Eric Opoku - Local Project Manager 

Eric Opoku Agyemang’s journey towards founding Cheerful Hearts Foundation began at the age of 10 when his father unexpectedly passed away.  According to local custom, when a married father dies, his wife must go live with the father’s family for one year.  The father’s family also inherits any assets or property which the family owned.  Because of this custom, Eric’s mother lost her business and the money needed to send Eric and his three brothers to school.  Using a network of supportive friends and family, Eric and his siblings received the education they all yearned for.  While in senior high school, Eric promised his mother that if he ever was in a comfortable financial position, he would use his resources to give back to society just as it had given to him. 

He became familiar with non-profit work after joining a student run charity organization while attending Kwadaso Agricultural College.  During his one year of national service as a District Project Coordinator with the National Disaster Management Organization, Eric was also volunteering as an Agriculture Science teacher at CKC International School.   He was soon promoted to the Headmaster of Boarding which afforded him the opportunity to support three students with his extra income. In 2006, after his national service, Eric was appointed by the State House as a District Agronomist to manage the Ghanaian President’s Project on Oil-palm in the Kwahu West District. 

He left that post in 2007 to become the Headmaster of the Great Promise School Complex in Kasoa.  This position finally allowed him to honor the promise he made his mother years earlier.  Together with Bright Fiatsi, Eric continued to sponsor the education of children who sincerely needed the support.  Wanting to expand the scope of their influence, Eric and Bright registered Cheerful Hearts Foundation as an official non-profit organization and continue to use education as a tool to transform lives.


Freeman Ahegbebu - Local Project Manager

 As one of five children, Freeman Ahegbebu learned a lot about supporting others while growing up in Kasoa.  After graduating from Swedru Senior High School he enrolled in an accounting program for a Higher National Diploma at Accra Polytechnic.  While in the accounting program part-time, Freeman was teaching at the Great Promise School Complex in Kasoa as a science teacher.  With his charisma, and respect for the students, Freeman became a highly respected teacher by both his students and colleagues.  He was quickly promoted to the head of the science department during his four years at the school. 

It was during this time that Freeman and his family faced some hardships.  His father, who had always been the breadwinner of the family, lost his job for a number of years.  Freeman’s younger brother was in senior high school at the time which is a pretty hefty expense in Ghana.  Even while going to Polytechnic part-time, Freeman used his income from his teaching job to support his brother’s education.  Instructing also afforded him the opportunity to see students with similar problems as his brothers and how they struggle for their education. 

The story of one of his students still motivates him as a social worker today.  A brother and sister, age 16 and 17, who attended Great Promise School were living in Kasoa without any parents or guardians.  Their parents were subsistence farmers who had to live four hours away and were only able to send a little money if they had a surplus of crops.  While their school fees were usually paid for, there were many times when they had no money for food or school supplies. 

Freeman realized that these two students represented his own brother without any siblings in the position to assist them.  Seeing the potential and desire to learn in these two underprivileged students, Freeman took them under his wing and supported them when it was necessary. 

In 2009 Eric Opoku, the headmaster of Great Promise School, saw the passion Freeman had for helping others through education and asked if he would like to join the newly formed Cheerful Hearts Foundation as a part-time project coordinator.  Freeman gladly accepted and a few years later in 2012, he left the Great Promise School Complex to work full time at Cheerful Hearts Foundation.