The Fieldhouse is a 2,200 square foot center for sport and community that houses programs run by our partners in Ghana. An attached storage unit houses athletic gear shared by local schools, enabling them to support extra-curricular sports programs.  

Constructed in 2014, opened in 2015, the Fieldhouse is the home of two foundation programs: the Community Soccer Initiative (CSI), and the Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Program (WELD). 

The purpose of The Fieldhouse is expected to change and grow along with the capacities of our partners and the needs of the community. The Cheerful Hearts Foundation regularly uses the Fieldhouse to host community outreach events on topics ranging from public health to child labor.



  • Community Ownership: The day-to-day logistics of the center are managed by The Cheerful Hearts Foundation, our in country partner. Further, each school participating in the Community Soccer Initiative pays annual dues to use the facility. These funds are earmarked for future maintanence expenses when the need to fix something inevitably arises. 
  • Solar Electricity: The center is powered by solar panels, making it impervious to an otherwise temperamental electrical grid of the neighborhood.
  • Locally Sourced: The Fieldhouse Project contracted with local contractors and we worked with the community to decide the final location and schematics of the center. 

Construction Gallery